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Our Story

In 2006, Chef Tasharra Moses crafted the perfect combination of chicken, waffles, and special sauce after hundreds of trials, each tastier and crispier than the next. Chef Tasharra took her creation on the road, introducing it to Westchester County, New York then the Bronx, then Manhattan itself. 


The Chiwaffle logo is Chef Tasharra’s way to honor her mother. The image is of Pota Poulet, which translates to My Mother’s Chicken, the perfect way to pay homage to her mom. 



Born out of practicality, Chiwaffles were born when Chef Tasharra was trying to watch television and eat chicken and waffles and couldn’t balance both. Without that night, we might never have tasted this semi-fast food phenomenon is simple and sweet. All you need is the crunchy chicken, the waffle, and the special sauce. 


Lucky for y’all, all the ingredients required for those can be ordered through this website. 


Let's Get Cookin'

Interested in making your own Chiwaffles at home, but not sure how to start? Check out the Chiwaffles Blog run by Chef Tasharra herself and follow one of her many recipes to create a delicious combination!

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